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JYSK flyer toronto, August 25 - 31, 2016 is now available - JYSK Get the latest weekly newsletter. In addition, JYSK keep the test coupons and special offers.
JYSK as mattresses, furniture and interior decor sold as furniture, Danish retail chains. JYSK Denmark's largest retailer with stores in 41 countries, 2,300 JYSK locations, is to undergo surgery on a global scale.

2010: The Queen of Denmark Jysk for appointment as a supplier received royal security.
2010: Jysk magazine staff, 'Go JYSK' has won several awards - in Denmark, the staff magazine in 2010 as the second best staff magazine in Europe.
2011: Jysk www.jysk.tv. Launched its own television channels or
2011: Lars Larson, Lars Larson is $ 3.6 billion in assets, counts US Business Journal Forbes, it is the 304th richest person in the world.
2013: Jysk Mansfield, Lincoln, Blackburn, York, Bolton, has seven stores in Swadlincote A UK E and Coventry. It Pontefract in August and September on auxiliary storage, opened in Bournemouth and Grantham, the other two plans. If [?]
2014-2015, opens a shop in Taman Anggrek Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jysk and municipalities Pejaten. The company will open four new stores in Margo City Depok, Jakarta, in Kuningan City and Pluit Village, Tangerang and Aeon Mall in BSD continues to expand in Indonesia as Jysk.
2016: Jysk opens first store in Singapore, Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Jysk done in other countries (package style JYSK) may have different names) such mattresses, furniture and interior decorations such as selling furniture, Danish retail chains. JYSK Denmark's largest retailer in 41 countries with 2,300 stores Jysk coupons, operates on a global scale.

Valid at Jysk We have a chain of retail chains in some countries, but now that Denmark is one of the great men of wealth, and Larson, whose owner is the first store opened in the Danish city of Aarhus Silkeborgvej Lars Larson in 1979, based on the rock.